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Founder & Professional Makeup artist

Barbara H. Gillespie

Aloha! I know how important your big day is, so I focus 100% of my time making sure everything goes off without a hitch.  I want you to know a bit about me and why I go the extra mile for every client, every time.

I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome at fourteen, spending months in the hospital unable to move.

When I began to recover I started doing makeup to re-learn fine motor skills.  Nearly dying gave me a drive to succeed at my chosen career path in makeup, with no time to waste!

I quickly became known in my home country of Peru, and by the time I was 18 I was running my own makeup school teaching others.  I then decided to leave Peru to pursue my career in the United States.  I first traveled to Colorado where I met my husband, but grew tired of the cold temperatures and missed the ocean.  We now live on the Island of Maui and have a 1 year old Goldendoodle named "Chewy". 

I get to focus on makeup every day.  Makeup is my passion, my reason for being.  I stay up to date on the latest trends from social media, and can recreate them with artistic precision.  My goal is providing the best service possible.  Don't hesitate to reach out - I do my best to answer phone calls and texts regardless of the time change!  808-500-3951 ~ Barbie 

Husband and Business Manager

Kevin S. Gillespie

I'm the support side of Makeup With Barbie.  My job is to make sure the business runs well so Barbie can spend her time with clients.  I handle things like billing, scheduling, and enjoy sharing what I know about the islands.  I also serve as a makeup assistant for larger weddings.
My background is entrepreneurship.  I ran a tech startup before the pandemic and bring strong business ethics to the table.  My top goal is providing excellent support services to help make sure your wedding makeup is precisely the way you want it. 

It doesn't stop there, as I'm always happy to provide information about the islands, vendors, and venues. Thanks for letting me serve you and Mahalo!

Makeup with Barbie's owner
Business Manager

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